£124.95 per m². Prices stated below are per pallet containing 4m². This is our minimum and repeat order quantity and is exclusive of VAT and delivery charges. Celtic rustic slate is easily maintained and hard wearing, making it perfect for exterior construction applications. A background of dark blue grey in colour with rustic tones of brown, with exquisite naturally occurring veining and textures that create an added dimension to any application. Celtic rustic slate is totally unreactive to both acid and alkali, so runoff from the stone will have no effect on the pH level in the surrounding soil. This chemical stability of Celtic rustic slate makes it compatible with all other building materials. Celtic rustic slate will naturally weather in the landscape, but the colour will not fade and the structure is unaffected by moss and lichen growth, so its practical life is measured in centuries rather than years. Celtic rustic slate walling is diamond sawn then hand crafted using a chisel and mallet in the aged traditional way, the characteristics of rustic slate make it an ideal stone for walling applications. This is because it's square edges and the manner in which it can be split into the required height, depth or length make it more practical than laying other natural stone products. Celtic rustic slate walling stone is very versatile and will give the appearance of an older 18th-century farmhouse. It is found in the fabric of some modern houses as well as being a favourite with historical restoration in older buildings. Celtic rustic slate walling is a natural facing stone that has a sawn back and natural faces to all other sides. It is sold with 100mm on bed, with a tolerance of +/- 20mm.