The driver will unload using a tail-lift offload and manual pallet truck to push or pull the goods into position. The pallet truck can only be operated on a flat, level and solid surface which is free from grass or gravel as the small wheels on the pallet truck stop dead if an attempt is made to pull them over a rough surface or gravel. The driver will be unable to push or pull the goods up any sort of incline or pull the pallet truck over uneven ground. It is up to the driver where your goods are left. They may refuse to make delivery onto a drive if they are worried about causing damage to it with the wheels of the pallet truck and delivery vehicles are not insured to enter your premises. Drivers will sometimes leave the goods kerbside if you are there to witness it and only with your permission. If the driver considers your access unsuitable for whatever reason they are within their rights to refuse to unload the pallet or to leave it as near as possible to the required destination with your agreement.


Our bulk bags weigh approximately 850kgs which is just under a tonne. Our pallets of 4m2 walling are approximately 1000kgs which is a tonne. As the driver has to manually push or pull the pallet into position, they will struggle to do this if the ground isn’t flat and solid.


All deliveries must be signed for on arrival. Please make sure that either you or a nominated third party are available to receive the order and to sign for the materials. If you make arrangement for a third party to take delivery we request that you let us know in advance and that you are available by phone in case of issues arising with your delivery. Should you see any damage with your delivery on arrival you must sign noting as 'damaged' on the delivery document and then contact us by phone within 2 working days of the delivery date. A failed delivery, requiring a re-delivery will be charged to you at cost in line with our terms and conditions.